Meet the Allstate
Digital Footprint™

The internet knows a lot about you, but it doesn’t have to. Introducing a better way to see — and help manage — your personal data.
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What’s a digital footprint and why does it matter?

Your digital footprint is a record of your online activity. It includes what sites you’ve visited, where you’ve shopped, and what accounts you’ve created. More importantly, it can grow every day, and may leave you exposed.
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You’ve never seen your data quite like this

Now, with the Allstate Digital Footprint, you can see where your personal information lives online — so you can take action and help protect it.


Instantly get a list of online accounts, even ones you may have forgotten about. Discover which companies collect your personal information, and where you might be vulnerable.


Spot Possible Threats

Data breaches are warning signs that your identity may be at risk. The sooner you hear about them, the easier it may be to get ahead of a serious problem.


Learn how to take action

It’s important to act quickly if your data has been breached. See how you can reduce the amount of your personal data that lives online so you can keep loving what technology adds to your life.

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Here's how it works

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    Purchase the identity protection plan that’s best for you

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    Log into Digital Footprint and sync your email address

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    View your digital relationships and get tips for protecting your data


Finally there’s identity protection that keeps up with your digital life

So browse, shop, and share more confidently than ever.

*Enrollment required. Subscription renews at additional cost unless cancelled. Terms and conditions apply. Some key features require additional activation. Allstate Identity Protection is offered and serviced by InfoArmor, Inc., a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation.