Protecting a third of the Fortune 500, over 4,000 partners and more than 5 million lives

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We do more than protect identities; we offer protection and support services to help partners deepen their relationships with customers. By offering Allstate Identity Protection, you can help your business:

  • Attract and retain high-value customers
  • Improve membership engagement and participation
  • Deliver more value to consumers

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  • Attract and retain high-value customers
  • Improve membership engagement and participation
  • Create additional revenue streams

Why your organization should offer identity protection

With fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime hitting record numbers, it’s the right time to offer Allstate Identity Protection to your clients, members, and customers. Our solution can help you reach your customers, and support them in a way other solutions can't.


The amount consumers lost in 2020 due to identity fraud1

2 seconds

How often an identity is compromised in the U.S.1

The benefits of partnering with Allstate Identity ProtectionThe best possible protection for your members and customers, and a seamless experience for you.

Industry-leading solution

We built our identity protection plans with features members actually want — like emerging scam notifications, advanced privacy features, and the strongest family protection available.


Service Net Promoter Score

Flexible engagement models

Our solutions flex to fit your business, helping ensure your customers or members, and stakeholders get exactly what they need, when they need it.


Client retention rate

World-class service

Thanks to our industry-leading customer care, account management, and implementation team, we provide a level of service for our participants and partners that is unmatched.


Post-remediation satisfaction rate

An award-winning solutionJavelin Strategy & Research named us Best-in-Class for B2B identity protection service providers, recognizing us as a leader in both prevention and resolution.

Javelin Identity Protection Service Provider Scorecard Best In Class (B2B) 2022

The proof is in the protectionHere’s what members are saying:

Four and a half stars on Google Review
"The best possible experience for your clients. The strongest possible protection for employees and their loved ones."
Mark S.
"Results have been outstanding since we began our partnership...many clients are extremely pleased with your implementation and service."
John M.
"If fraud occurs, their privacy experts provide the same high-quality level of service we give our clients!"
Lisa N.
"Partnering with InfoArmor, now Allstate Identity Protection, has provided us the opportunity to create a very successful, custom go-to-market strategy for larger clients, helping us grow our business."
Sally K.

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