what is identity theft?

When someone uses your personal information without permission to open an account or access your financial records — that’s identity theft, and it’s a serious crime.

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an identity is stolen in the U.S.

It takes an average of

100- hours**

to resolve identity theft on your own

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Data sharing & tracking

While the data you share with companies may make life more convenient, it can also be tracked, breached, or sold to third parties.

Data breaches

You may trust companies to store your personal information, but sometimes they experience a hack through weak or outdated security protocols.

Credit card skimming

Hard-to-spot ATM skimming devices can extract credit card numbers and PINs, which are then sold on the dark web.

Phishing attacks

Phishing emails may bait you into clicking a link or opening an attachment, and giving away sensitive information.

Social media scams

Social media accounts connect and inspire — but sharing too much can leave you exposed to data theft or account takeover fraud.

Using public WiFi

Coffee shops are great places to work, but they also present opportunities for hackers to access unsecured devices on the same network.

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