Family identity protection

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From toddlers to seniors, everyone is vulnerable to identity theft. We offer a generous definition of family, which includes seniors and college-age children, so you can look after the people who matter most.

Secure your family’s financial future

Parenting today can mean raising children surrounded by technology while caring for aging parents who adapted to computers later in life. Both are targets for cybercriminals. Kids are vulnerable because they have clean credit that can be exploited for years. Seniors are susceptible because they have nest eggs saved for retirement. But we can help protect what your family has worked so hard to build.


Percentage of seniors 65+ who’ve been victims of identity fraud1


The number of children who were victims of identity theft in 20182

Powerful tools to keep your loved ones safeWe want your family to keep enjoying technology. So everyone can learn, work, and stay connected online.

Identity & financial monitoring

We provide advanced monitoring and near real-time alerts to help you detect threats to your family’s identity and finances — so you can move quickly and minimize the damage.

Social media monitoring

We actively track the most popular social platforms for damaging posts. If we find signs of cyberbullying, grooming behaviors, and other unsavory content, we’ll send an alert.

Dark web monitoring

We use human operatives and artificial intelligence to search closed hacker forums where threat actors exchange data. If we find your information where it shouldn’t be, we’ll send an alert.

Student loan monitoring***

If a criminal defaults on a student loan they took out in your name, your credit could take a hit. We’ll alert you if we detect a new student loan account made in your name.

24/7 dedicated support

We handle the hard part so you don’t have to. Should fraud occur, our specialists fully restore compromised identities, helping your family save time, money, and stress.

$1 million expense coverage

We’ll cover many of your family’s expenses as a result of identity theft, including stolen funds, legal fees, and childcare costs. We even reimburse stolen tax refunds in many of our plans.

The proof is in the protectionWhat customers are saying about Allstate Identity Protection:

Four and a half stars on Google Review
"The alerts I receive keep me informed about not only my own coverage but also that of my dependent children. I sleep well, reassured that my family’s credit and sensitive information are protected."
Michelle B.
"When my identity was stolen, the support provided in clearing things was phenomenal. I don't think I could have gotten through this without your assistance."
Theresa K.
"Your service makes us feel very secure. You detected an irregularity with some of our accounts in the past and because of that we were able to avoid many headaches."
Susan K.
"My remediation specialist was so wonderful! Two of my family members were victims of identity theft, including my one-and-a-half-year-old grandson. Allstate Identity Protection fixed both of their identities and saved us from all kinds of future heartache."
Mark S.

You have questions. We have answers.

Why do I need identity protection for my family?

Your family’s data is valuable, just like your home or car. As identity thieves grow smarter and fraudulent activity becomes more prevalent, so do the requirements for a robust identity monitoring platform. 

While there are places that offer free credit and identity monitoring, our technology goes beyond those basic services, allowing us to proactively monitor your family’s identity and alert you at the earliest signs of fraud so you can take action. And while nobody can completely prevent identity theft, our Remediation Specialists are experts at helping members pick up the pieces after theft has occurred. We fully manage customers’ restoration cases, helping them save time, money, and stress.

We know that tracking your family’s identity is difficult and filled with unknowns, so we’re here to help take the burden off your shoulders so you can help protect the financial goals you’re worked so hard to achieve.

How does Allstate Identity Protection help reduce the risk of my family’s identity being misused?

Our powerful technology helps detect when an identity may be at an elevated risk for theft and allows us to help you take necessary precautions, including placing fraud alerts, credit freezes, and reviewing credit reports. We go beyond credit monitoring to search for suspicious activity, looking holistically at the financial accounts you use, the social media accounts you log into, and other data sources that could be compromised by others. This allows us to alert you of fraud as soon as we detect it.

What does Allstate Identity Protection offer that my bank or credit card doesn’t?

While different banking institutions offer different levels of identity protection, the majority provide basic fraud protection, mobile alerts, and credit monitoring — which is just one aspect of identity protection. 

Allstate Identity Protection goes beyond credit monitoring by using proprietary advanced threat intelligence with access to dark web forums where hackers operate. Other key differentiators include Allstate Digital Footprint, social media account takeover, digital exposure reports, and IP address monitoring. Finally, we reimburse funds stolen from HSA and retirement accounts, which are not typically covered by banks.

In addition to keeping tabs on your personal information, our Remediation Specialists are experts at resolving complex cases of identity theft on your behalf. They’re available 24/7 to fully restore compromised identities. And with a $1 million reimbursement policy to cover expenses and stolen funds resulting from identity theft, you’ll gain more peace of mind.

What’s the difference between a data breach and identity theft?

While data breaches and identity theft are closely linked, they are distinctly different. A data breach is a cyberattack in which personal information is accessed without authorization. This could include anything from names, addresses, and login credentials to financial and credit card information, PINs, medical records, insurance claims, and Social Security numbers, among other things. Breaches can be caused by malware, phishing schemes, security hacks, lost or stolen devices, and other incidents.

Identity theft is the next step after a data breach occurs, although just because personal information may have been exposed in a breach, that doesn’t mean your identity has been stolen. Cyber criminals may use the stolen data to make purchases, steal from bank accounts, and open accounts in the victim’s name.

So, in layman’s terms, data breaches are when someone has access to your personal information. Identity theft is the unauthorized use of that compromised data to commit fraud.

Are children more at risk for identity theft than adults?

Yes, the rate of child identity theft is 51 times higher than that of adults.3 That’s why we recommend protecting your children’s identities. It will take a lot of stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what matters most — spending time with those you love.

Protecting your family’s identity is easy when you’re in good hands®