We've updated our Pro+ plans to include expanded financial coverage and access to powerful new tools that can help fight growing risks such as unemployment fraud, targeted scams, and other emerging threats. Plus, we’ve extended our family plan protection to senior family members who are 65 and up — like parents, in-laws, and grandparents — no matter where they live. As for the price? That stays the same.

At Allstate Identity Protection, we believe in helping employees and businesses stay prepared for what's next. It's one of the reasons why more than one third of the Fortune 500 trusts Allstate Identity Protection to cover their employees, and why Javelin Strategy & Research named us best-in-class for B2B identity protection service providers.Now we’ve made our Pro+ plans more comprehensive than ever.

We’re adding new features and enhancements designed to combat growing risks like unemployment fraud, targeted scams, and other emerging threats. What’s really exciting is that these upgrades are coming at no additional cost. 

Click to watch our video and learn what our Pro plan brings to a team, or read on for a closer look at what's new and how it can help better protect employees, their families, and their financial future.

Unemployment Fraud Center

Unemployment fraud continues to surge, as scammers take advantage of stolen personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security numbers, to create convincing false unemployment claims. Due to years of pre-pandemic data breaches, these key data points are often readily available on the dark web. 

Allstate Identity Protection's Unemployment Fraud Center provides support to employers and participants as they navigate one of today’s fastest growing — and most complicated — forms of fraud. 

Our on-demand resource center offers easy-to-use tools, comprehensive information, and superior support for our clients and participants whenever they might need it. We’ve designed the Unemployment Fraud Center to provide victims the tools necessary for a quicker and easier resolution of their case, while helping to reduce the burden on Human Resources staff. 

The Unemployment Fraud Center helps participants:

  • Walk through the step-by-step process to file a new complaint, including email templates to help get their claim started

  • Understand when and how to involve their employer to make it as seamless as possible for both parties

  • Access an easy-to-use checklist for notifying the appropriate government agencies, as well as which documents are needed to support their claim

The Unemployment Fraud Center also offers employers:

  • A pre-drafted email template that can be used to alert victims to unemployment fraud  

  • Our Unemployment Fraud Guide, which contains the links and information needed to report a claim

  • Additional resources to share with employees, including helpful articles, tips for better safeguarding their personal information, and more

Allstate Security Pro® 

Cybercrime evolves so rapidly, it can be overwhelming to keep up. We hope to change that with Allstate Security Pro®, a personalized content experience that warns users of increasing fraud.  

Allstate Security Pro® pairs our internal data with demographic information to uncover emerging fraud trends even faster. Pro+ participants are alerted to these risks and given tips that can help reduce the risk of fraud.

With Allstate Security Pro®, participants can:

  • Access personalized content based on their risk

  • Learn about relevant fraud trends faster to stay a step ahead

  • Get personalized tips to help them protect themselves

Expanded financial coverage 

Comprehensive identity protection goes far beyond monitoring. Providing reimbursement is critical to ensuring employees and their families can maintain their financial wellbeing, even if they experience a fraud incident. So we’ve expanded our reimbursement coverages to fill the gaps left behind by other financial wellness programs. 

Our financial coverage now extends to:

  • Home title theft fraud reimbursement† 

  • Professional fraud reimbursement†

  • Deceased family member fraud expense reimbursement†

  • Unemployment fraud expense reimbursement†

  • Up to $500 in stolen wallet emergency cash reimbursement†

Senior family coverage

Did you know that seniors lose nearly $3 billion a year to scams? The U.S. Senate's Special Committee on Aging reports that the most common ways they fall victim to fraud are through Social Security impersonation scams, robocalling, romance scams, and fraudulent sweepstakes. Seniors are even more likely to experience higher losses than younger adults, according to the Federal Trade Commission

That's why we've extended our family plan protection to senior family members who are 65 and up — like parents, in-laws, and grandparents — regardless of where they live or whether they receive any financial support from our participants. 

Help your employees prepare for what's next

With Allstate Identity Protection Pro+, participants get all the financial and identity monitoring tools, innovative features, and superior 24/7 support they’ve come to know and love — plus these new enhancements — all at the same great price. 

To learn more about how to help your employees protect their identity and finances with Allstate Identity Protection, you can reach out to your benefits advisor or Allstate Identity Protection sales pro.

†Identity theft insurance covering expense and stolen funds reimbursement is underwritten by Assurant. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.