Employee identity protection coverage can vary greatly depending upon the provider. To ensure the benefit you select delivers the greatest possible impact, you should work with a provider that’s committed to protecting both your employees’ privacy and their identities.

Here are just four of the ways InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor accomplishes this for participants and their loved ones.

PrivacyArmor protects an employee’s social media account

Social media allows us to connect with our family, friends, co-workers, and clients like never before. While this offers many benefits in the way of convenience, it also poses many risks.

If an employee’s social media account is compromised, it can spell big problems for your employee and your business. You can read more about these challenges in our blog, The Power of Social Media and Why Your Employees Should Have Protected Accounts. For the purposes of this article, we’ll instead focus on how PrivacyArmor works to protect your employee’s social media account.

If your employee registers their social media accounts with us, we immediately begin monitoring for potential account takeover. If we see signs of a compromise, like posts that involve nudity, violence, profanity, or drugs, we immediately notify the employee. If their account has been compromised, we work with them hand in hand until their identity and privacy have been fully restored!

PrivacyArmor protects an employee’s family as well

PrivacyArmor doesn’t stop at protecting an employee’s social media account! If a participant signs their family members up, we’ll protect their social media accounts too. In addition to monitoring those profiles for account takeover, we also monitor for online bullying.

When evaluating providers, it’s imperative that you review the benefit’s definition of “family.” This is one area that varies significantly across providers. Many identity protection benefits will drop a family member simply because they’ve turned 18 or moved away to college.

 PrivacyArmor offers the most inclusive definition of “family” of any provider. If someone is living in your home or you financially support them, they qualify for coverage.

PrivacyArmor protects employees from solicitation

Not every risk to your employees’ privacy is as serious as those posed by social media, but that doesn’t mean those risks shouldn’t be addressed. At InfoArmor, we seek to remove all privacy-related annoyances — even those posed by overcrowded mailboxes. That’s why PrivacyArmor works to reduce unsolicited mail offers.

In addition to reducing the amount of unwanted mail an employee receives, we also work to reduce the number of calls they receive from telemarketers! If your employee opts in, we’ll automatically add them to the national Do Not Call Registry.

PrivacyArmor monitors the dark web for employee data

Far too often, employees are unaware that their personal details have been compromised. The dark web serves as an illegal marketplace where compromised data is bought and sold, which is why PrivacyArmor utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and deeply embedded human operatives to scour the dark web for information on enrolled employees.

If we locate any information related to your employee, we immediately alert them and work hand in hand with them to resolve any issues that might result from the compromise.

We will also notify employees enrolled in our family program if the personal details of their children or loved ones pop up where they shouldn't. After all, an infant’s identity sells for more than 10 times that of an adult. With PrivacyArmor, your employees can rest assured that we’re protecting the entire family!

Protecting your employees’ identities, finances, and privacy

If you’re considering offering an identity protection benefit to your employees, you should only work with those providers that take a holistic approach to employee protection. That means selecting a plan that protects your employees’ identities, finances, and privacy.

If you’d like to learn more about the criteria you should evaluate when selecting an identity protection benefit, you can download our Identity Protection Service Checklist. This complimentary resource is pre-filled with important questions you should ask, and you can take notes directly within the PDF.

Are you unsure if an identity protection benefit is right for your company, or are you struggling to convince your team it’s the right decision? Then our slides, By the Numbers: How Identity Theft Impacts Your Employees, Your Business, and the World can help!

If you have questions about anything, think we can help solve a problem you have, or just want to know more about any of our solutions, please reach out!