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Ways to help employees with unemployment fraud

When an employee is a victim of employment fraud, they have a lot of questions and concerns. You probably do too. Here are a couple of ways you can guide them to remediate the issue as soon as possible.


After you receive an unemployment claim from your state, you need to verify the employee’s status. Check your payroll and employee records to verify the employee status.


Reach out to the employee to alert them to the fraud. If a fraudster files for unemployment under one of your employees' names, the scammer has personal details. Alerting them as soon as possible helps avoid any other types of identity theft. Use our pre-drafted email to let the employee know about the fraud.

You can also encourage the employee to reach out to Allstate Identity Protection for identity theft assistance and steps to protect themselves.


When you receive a state notice about an unemployment claim, you have the opportunity to dispute the claim. So check the deadline for contesting the claim and if the window is still open, contest the claim.

Read more about what steps your HR team can take when reporting a claim in our Unemployment Fraud Guide. This two-sheet resource provides you and your HR team with the links and information for claim reporting.


Communicate with your company’s security team to confirm that an employee's data is secure. Request that security looks into your business’s systems to ensure fraudsters didn’t access employee information. This is especially important if you have fraudulent unemployment claims for multiple employees.


Guide the employee to use our employee unemployment fraud center to remediate the fraud. We also provide additional employee resources they can use after they open a claim.