Entry-level Version of InfoArmor’s Award-winning VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform Meets the Needs of Mid-Market Companies

ORLANDO, Florida (Infosec World Conference) – April 4, 2016 – InfoArmor, Inc., an industry-leading provider of elite cyber intelligence services, today announced VigilanteATI℠ Accomplice, an entry-level version of its award-winning VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence platform, specifically targeted to mid-market companies (SME/SMB). Regardless of size, almost every business is a target for malicious cyber attacks, and the need for cyber security is an important part of protecting an organization’s reputation and financial vitality. Many smaller organizations lack the proper skills and resources to combat these cyber attacks, making them highly vulnerable. Unlike large enterprises that can absorb and recover from short-term financial and reputational losses, smaller organizations can be completely devastated by a successful cyber attack.

VigilanteATI Accomplice is a cost-effective opportunity for any small to medium business or enterprise to add an affordable cyber threat intelligence platform to safeguard their network and prevent data exfiltration. VigilanteATI Accomplice increases awareness of vulnerable assets, malicious activity, employee credentials, and pre-emptive threat actor communication to increase security posture, mitigate risk, and prevent attacks. Businesses of all sizes are targets of cyber attacks, and effective cyber security plays an important part in protecting an organization’s reputation and financial vitality.

The following comparison chart describes the feature sets of VigilanteATI Accomplice and VigilanteATI:

Feature Set

VigilanteATI Accomplice


Advanced Intelligence



Risk Intelligence



Security Intelligence

Full Database Search Capability; Client-specific Alerts: Up to 10 Subnets (Preconfigured)


Vulnerability Intelligence

Client-specific Alerts Based On; Preconfigured Subnet Ranges


eCrime Intelligence

Access to All Forums; Real-time Alerts with 25 Preconfigured; Key Words


Compromised Credentials

Up to 10 Domains; Preconfigured


Intelligence Updates



VigilanteATI Accomplice is highly scalable and can be easily upgradable to the full feature version, VigilanteATI, without any user modification in the event that more advanced services are required. APIs for both versions are available for easy integration within the customer environment for use with existing SIEM and other internal systems. APIs are available for the following feature sets:

  • Compromised Credit Cards

  • Compromised Credentials

  • Security Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Intelligence

“This is an exciting opportunity for InfoArmor to deliver a robust threat intelligence solution to mid-market companies,” said Mike Kirschner, senior vice president of sales and marketing at InfoArmor, Inc. “VigilanteATI Accomplice provides exceptional value to organizations with limited IT security resources and tight budgets and acts as an extension of their existing IT security team. Regretfully, many mid-market companies are highly vulnerable and are becoming attractive targets to cybercriminals. VigilanteATI Accomplice solves their cyber security challenges by protecting their networks and preventing data exfiltration.”

VigilanteATI Accomplice delivers context-rich, actionable Advanced Threat Intelligence. Leveraging trusted operative sources, VigilanteATI Accomplice provides the necessary comprehensive Advanced Threat Intelligence to effectively reveal the “who, what, why, when and how” to defend against past, present and future global cyber threats.

InfoArmor will be exhibiting at Infosec World in Orlando, FL at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in booth #522, and will be demonstrating the InfoArmor VigilanteATI platform.

Product Pricing and Availability

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