Our award-winning protection just got even better. We've upgraded our Pro+ plans to offer expanded family digital safety tools, elder fraud care resources, and cyber protection to help fight growing online threats. More good news? These new and improved features come at no additional cost.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve added new features to our Pro+ plans — designed to support our mission of helping members protect their online lives and strengthen their digital security. The best part? We're keeping the same great price.

At Allstate Identity Protection, we’re constantly improving our protection and looking out for frauds and scams that may be on the rise. 

Fraudsters are constantly finding new tactics and using new technologies to trick people into revealing personal information. So, helping employees and employers stay one step ahead of scams and threats is our top priority. That’s one of the reasons Javelin Strategy & Research named us Best-in-Class for B2B identity protection service providers

Read on to learn what you need to know about these new features, and how they help protect our members, their families, and their future.

Fewer unwanted calls or ads

Tens of millions of robocalls are made every day, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — and many of them are designed to steal money or personal information from unsuspecting consumers. 

You may be aware that adding your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry does not prevent robocalls entirely. That’s why we’ve added a robocall blocker to our Pro+ plans.

This new feature helps screen scam and telemarketing calls before they reach members and attempt to solicit personal information or money.

Additionally, another way Allstate Identity Protection members can block out unwanted distractions — and have more control over how their data is used and collected — is by using our new ad blocker.

This feature allows members to set up automated blocking for unwanted advertisements online, helping prevent data harvesting from online trackers while allowing subscribers to whitelist websites they trust.

Peace of mind for parents

Many of today's scams happen online — and it can be hard for parents to keep up with all of the potentially harmful threats targeted at children.

With our new suite of digital safety features for families, parents can have peace of mind knowing they’re armed with the right tools to manage and protect their children’s online lives.

These new features include:

  • Web filtering, which allows members to block access to specific websites or types of websites

  • Screen time management, to encourage a healthy balance of digital and real-time experiences

  • Parental monitoring, which sends real-time alerts for potential issues like cyberbullying 

  • Device location tracking, so you can feel safe knowing where they are

Tools and resources for older adults and families

Elder fraud is a growing problem. The FBI's 2021 “Elder Fraud Report” revealed that the number of elderly victims has risen at an alarming rate over the past few years — with a whopping 74 percent increase in losses compared to 2020.

Because older family members can be more trusting and typically have money saved up and equity built up, they may fall victim to identity fraud.

Additionally, they may feel afraid to reveal they've been the victims of identity theft or fraud because it may lead to uncomfortable discussions regarding their independence as they age.

Our elder fraud protection offers the support older family members need, straight from our in-house experts. Visit our Elder Fraud Center and discover articles, tips, and a guide with clear and easy-to-follow instructions to help stop identity theft and scams in their tracks.

Should fraud occur, our team of expert identity specialists will work with older members and their families or caretakers to identify and resolve the issue with a proactive plan of action as quickly as possible.

Track your case status and identity health 

Another new addition to our Pro+ plans is a fraud resolution tracker, designed to streamline communication with our identity specialists.

Participants who have experienced identity theft can use the tracker to check the status of their cases. They can also securely share and receive documents, and communicate directly with the identity specialist assigned to the case to speed up resolution.

We’ve also enhanced our Identity Health Status — which participants can check on at any time — to provide a more personalized understanding of the current state of their identity.

With this new feature, members get a more accurate picture of their identity health and custom tips to strengthen their digital security for the future.

Get support with your account

Have a question? You may be able to quickly find the answer in our interactive Help Center.

The Help Center provides members with clear definitions and instructions to make the most out of their Allstate Identity Protection plan. Plus, here members can also find proactive steps for online safety and tips on what to do if they suspect their identity has been stolen or they’ve been a victim of fraud.

For employers

You can help your employees prepare for what's next with Allstate Identity Protection Pro+. Check out our video for more information on how Pro+ can benefit your team  — from 24/7 support to financial and identity monitoring tools.

If you have any further questions about how to help your employees protect their identity and finances with Allstate Identity Protection, don’t hesitate to reach out to your benefits advisor or an Allstate Identity Protection sales pro.