We are always iterating on our protection based on feedback from our members and broker partners. Our Pro+ Cyber plans now include the award-winning protection members already trust, plus new features including elder fraud care resources, expanded family digital safety tools, and cyber protection for all enrolled personal devices.

At Allstate Identity Protection, we believe that employees are happier, healthier, and more productive when they're not stressing about the risks of identity theft. We're always pushing to improve our Pro+ Cyber plan and make it more comprehensive with each iteration. That's one of the reasons Javelin Strategy & Research named us Best-in-Class for B2B identity protection service providers, and more than one third of the Fortune 500 trusts us to protect their employees. 

We've added new features and enhancements to help where it's needed most, like our elder fraud care resources designed specifically for family members 65+ who may need guidance navigating scams and identity theft resolution. What’s really exciting is that these upgrades are coming at no additional cost. 

Click to watch our video and learn what Pro+ Cyber brings to your team, or read on to see what's new and how these features can help better protect employees, their families, and their financial future.

Your devices, protected

The Allstate Identity Protection Pro+ Cyber Plan adds cyber protection against online threats like viruses, phishing attacks, and malware with features like:

  • Antivirus protection

  • Safe browsing and phishing protection

  • Web filtering

  • Webcam protection

  • Firewall

  • VPN

Plus, members can use our network security feature to protect their home Wi-Fi network — and the devices connected to it. 

Pro+ Cyber also adds a password manager so members can safely create and store passwords seamlessly online across devices. Usernames, passwords, and even credit card information can be encrypted and safely stored. 

Elder fraud protection

Senior family members aged 65+ are often specifically targeted by scammers due to a perceived vulnerability in terms of their technological savvy. Older parents and grandparents who grew up in a pre-internet world may be more susceptible to social engineering via phone or email, and might miss the earmarks that identify scams and fraudsters. Additionally, senior family members may feel afraid to reveal they've been the victims of identity theft or fraud because it may lead to uncomfortable discussions regarding their independence as they age. 

Allstate Identity Protection's elder fraud protection helps members safeguard elderly family members with knowledge resources as well as specialized support from our Identity Specialists. Our team will work with older members and their caretakers to identify and resolve scams, fraud, and online threats with a proactive plan of action.

Our Elder Fraud Center is an online resource for employees, older family members, and caretakers to help protect from threats to their identity and finances. Allstate Identity Protection provides easy-to-use tools designed with accessibility in mind for older users with proactive lessons and clear, easy-to-follow instruction.

Check your case status

We're excited to introduce our new fraud resolution tracker, designed to streamline communication with our team of expert Identity Specialists. Participants can use the tracker to see their case status, securely share and receive documents, and communicate directly with their Identity Specialist to speed up resolution.

Block out the distractions

Anyone with a smartphone knows the Do Not Call Registry and regulatory restrictions only go so far in preventing robocalls. Our robocall blocker can help intercept scam and telemarketing calls before they reach participants and attempt to solicit personal information or money.

Allstate Identity Protection members can also set up automated blocking for unwanted advertisements online using our ad blocker. It prevents data-harvesting from online trackers while allowing members to whitelist websites they trust. 

Protection for the whole family — across all devices

Our new suite of family digital safety tools help parents manage and protect their children online. Participants can monitor 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms, including text messaging and email, to help set healthy limits. Features include:

  • Web filtering for specific websites

  • Screen time management

  • Device location tracking

  • Parental monitoring with real-time alerts for potential issues like cyberbullying, drug use, predators, threats of violence, and more.

Expert help when it's needed

Our interactive Help Center allows participants to quickly search for answers to their questions. The resource is stocked with clear definitions, easy-to-follow instructions, and proactive steps to help members protect themselves. 

Help your employees prepare for what's next

With Allstate Identity Protection Pro+ Cyber, participants get all the financial and identity monitoring tools, innovative features, and superior 24/7 support they’ve come to know and love — plus these new enhancements — at the same great price. 

To learn more about how to help your employees protect their identity and finances with Allstate Identity Protection, reach out to your benefits advisor or Allstate Identity Protection sales pro.