Solution Integrates Identity Protection with Security Awareness Training and VigilanteATIAccomplice Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – April 25, 2016InfoArmor, Inc., an industry-leading provider of identity protection solutions and elite cyber intelligence services, today announced PrivacyArmor Secure™, an innovative solution  for organizations that are looking to enhance their overall security posture for their employees and their corporate networks. PrivacyArmor Secure combines employee protection and training with an advanced threat intelligence platform to mitigate corporate risk while delivering a security based educational tool to employees for best practice.

As the number of corporate breaches increases, every business is a target for malicious cyber attacks, and the need to protect an organization’s most valuable resource, its employees, is a challenge. Many security breaches are a result of stolen credentials that are used to access an organization’s network. Once the network is infiltrated, the bad actor can disrupt the business process and exfiltrate data. With PrivacyArmor Secure, businesses can safeguard their assets starting with their employees’ personal data. PrivacyArmor Plus alerts employees in the early stages of compromise, and is ready with a team of highly trained Privacy Advocates® that aid with full-service remediation to rapidly stop fraudulent activity and mitigate risk.

Cyber security training is a valuable tool that enables employees to identify and understand malicious activity before it occurs. Raising the level of awareness minimizes the risk of breaches, and making employees aware of the constantly changing cyber threat landscape can greatly help an organization’s reputation and financial vitality.

PrivacyArmor Secure also includes VigilanteATI Accomplice, a cost-effective and affordable cyber threat intelligence platform to safeguard networks and prevent data exfiltration. VigilanteATI Accomplice increases awareness of vulnerable assets, malicious activity, employee credentials, and preemptive threat actor communication to increase security posture, mitigate risk, and prevent attacks. VigilanteATI Accomplice is highly scalable and can be easily upgradable to the full-feature version, VigilanteATI. APIs are available for easy integration within the customer environment for use with existing SIEMs and other internal systems.

“At InfoArmor our goal is to protect our customers from various threat sources,” said Christian Lees, CTO and CSO at InfoArmor, Inc. “To keep up with these advanced threats, we have to look at the totality of security. We are pleased to offer such a unique, comprehensive security package that includes employee protection, training, and advanced threat intelligence. Combining these products into one package will allow organizations to implement a layered approach to security from the employee to the IT infrastructure.”

PrivacyArmor Secure offers the following:

  • PrivacyArmor® Plus – delivers industry leading protection services to fight identity fraud with:

    • Identity and credit monitoring.

    • Annual credit report and a monthly credit score.

    • Password management solution.

    • Social media reputation monitoring.

    • Digital wallet storage and monitoring.

  • Security Awareness Training

    • 3-4 minute animated security training stories aimed at educating employees about the dangers of specific cyber security threats.

    • Interactive episodes that are based on specific, actual security breaches that have gained media attention.

    • New monthly episodes that keep employees engaged with constant security awareness.

  • VigilanteATI AccompliceTM

    • An entry-level version of InfoArmor’s award-winning VigilanteATI™ Advanced Threat Intelligence platform (upgrade to full version and services available).

    • Compromised Credential Monitoring – Identifies the exposure of email address and associated passwords linked to malicious breaches and third-party data disclosures.

    • Security Intelligence – A threat intelligence feed of underground malicious and suspicious host activity to help assist in identifying cyber threat activities.

    • Vulnerability Intelligence – A revolutionary preemptive intelligence feed that detects vulnerable hosts within a client network.

    • eCrime Intelligence – A comprehensive dashboard of underground communication and bad actor chatter from dark/closed forums that includes real-time monitoring for relevant information that delivers preemptive intelligence.

    • Real-time targeted alerting enables rapid response to mitigate risk

Product Pricing and Availability

To request more information and pricing, please visit the InfoArmor Website at, or contact InfoArmor sales at +1 480 302 6701, or email

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