In today’s digital era, data is our most valuable resource. This driving belief is why InfoArmor works to keep your data protected, secure, and most of all, private.

We request only the information we need to guard your identity. We hold ourselves accountable to the most stringent security protocols to protect the data you share. And, rest assured, we will never sell, leverage, or manipulate your personal information in any way. 

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our values. 

Whether you’re receiving health care, enrolling in school, or just streaming a movie, you’re asked to reveal personal information about yourself and your loved ones. 

Far too often, this data falls into the wrong hands. 

Know this. When we partner together, the data you trust us with serves no other purpose than allowing InfoArmor the honor and privilege of protecting it. Period. 

At this very moment, our human operatives are searching the dark web for any signs of your personal information. We have technology in place to alert you of any issues as soon as they’re detected. And, if your identity is compromised, our full service, dedicated Privacy Advocate team will not stop until your identity is fully restored. 

Your privacy is worth protecting. This is exactly what we’ll continue to do — every second of every day. 

Know that InfoArmor takes our position as the leading provider of identity protection for employees seriously. Your data belongs to no one, except you.