Resolving identity theft can take many hours — and most of that needs to happen during the work day, when government agencies and financial institutions are open. If fraud occurs, our U.S.-based Customer Care team can provide full remediation, leaving our members more focused during business hours. Our certified specialists can even assume limited power of attorney to file paperwork and make official requests on a participant’s behalf.

Is identity theft making your workplace less productive? 

Resolving fraud can be incredibly time-consuming. In fact, undoing identity theft can take an average of six months and 100 to 200 hours of a person’s time. Much of that untangling happens during business hours, when government agencies and financial institutions are open. 

Studies have shown that even small distractions can derail productivity, so imagine the havoc wreaked by a 200-hour ordeal.

Here’s one way to help reduce the potential for workplace distractions: offer Allstate Identity Protection as an employee benefit. 

When identity theft occurs, our U.S.-based Customer Care team can step in to lead the remediation process, leaving our members free to focus on other things — like doing a stellar job at work. Read on to learn how it works. 

If fraud occurs, we're with you from start to finish

We provide our members with resources and guidance about online safety and privacy best practices to help them stay a step ahead of fraud. 

Still, even the best privacy hygiene can’t guarantee against identity theft. When fraud does occur, early detection is key to minimizing the damage. Our customizable alerts — including credit monitoring and financial transaction monitoring — help our members spot fraud in near real-time. 

From there, our certified specialists can manage the recovery process from start to finish. Here’s what our members can expect: 

  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer care

  • A single point of contact throughout the remediation process

  • Financial peace of mind: members can rest easy with up to $1 million in out-of-pocket expense reimbursement

We take on as much of the recovery process as possible

It’s worth noting that our customer care specialists don’t just solve the reported issue. We’ll dig deep and perform additional research to determine how widespread the problem actually is. 

From there, a dedicated specialist will guide the victim through a step-by-step plan designed to shut down fraud quickly and bring them back to pre-theft status. Our staffers can even assume limited power of attorney in order to file paperwork and make official requests on a member’s behalf. 

This means that if someone needs to spend hours on hold with the IRS during the work day, it can be a trained identity theft expert from our team, rather than an employee from yours. 

That’s good news for employees and employers alike, especially given that a recent study by online learning platform Udemy found that when workplace distractions — such as a bad case of identity theft — are reduced, 75 percent of employees are more productive and 44 percent deliver higher-quality work. 

With Allstate Identity Protection, you can rest assured that your employees — and your company —  are in good hands.