Help your employees protect themselves with Allstate Identity Protection and know you can rely on a dedicated implementation team who'll provide personalized service and the best solution to meet your needs. We’ve worked hard to make implementation prompt and seamless. With over 190 platform connections, we have the expertise to ensure a smooth experience.

We see an identity protection benefit as a boon for employees and employers alike. By helping workers safeguard their personal information, you’re promoting a culture of financial well-being and maybe even boosting productivity— two reasons solutions like ours have become one of the fastest-growing workplace perks. 

But we also understand that for a voluntary benefit like identity protection to make sense for your company, implementation has to be as painless as possible.

When you partner with us, we make it simple and efficient to add identity protection to your benefits mix. Here’s a look at how the process works.

Meet your implementation team

We pride ourselves on our personalized, white-glove service. 

When you decide to offer Allstate Identity Protection as an employee benefit, we’ll pair you with a dedicated implementation director. 

This single point of contact is your guide throughout the entire onboarding process, walking you through everything from platform integrations to marketing strategies to billing and remittance. 

Think of them as a knowledgeable project manager that owns all aspects of implementation. 

This means less hand-off and just one person to email about all things related to our product. 

We'll take a consultative approach

Our solution isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

We understand that large and small businesses may have different marketing needs, while voluntary plans require a different rollout than employer-sponsored plans. Each client is unique.

Our implementation team has seen it all, so let us be your guide. We’ll take a consultative approach, listening to your goals, sharing best practices, and making informed suggestions every step of the way.

Some of the questions your implementation director might ask at the kick-off stage include: 

  • How are you planning to get data to us securely? 

  • How are you planning to market this offering to your employees? 

  • Do you have a billing administrator, or do you need our help with remittance? 

Based on your answers, we’ll offer flexible solutions that make sense for you

Safe, secure enrollment methods

When we’re onboarding new clients, data security is a top concern. 

The process of enrolling employees in our coverage involves sharing sensitive information. We take safeguarding these personal details very seriously, and we offer several secure enrollment methods. Our standard process involves establishing an encrypted batch file feed with new enrollees’ information. On the effective date, enrollees receive a welcome email letting them know coverage has begun with a link to sign in to our portal. Additional enrollments can be sent in batches, at an agreed-up frequency. It’s pretty seamless.

We also have experience partnering with more than 190 benefits platforms. Your implementation team can advise on the enrollment method that’s right for you

Proven marketing strategies and tools

Privacy management can feel overwhelming at times — but it shouldn't be scary. 

With that in mind, we offer engaging marketing materials that leave people feeling empowered. 

We've got unique tools that allow participants to assess their risk of identity theft and learn how that risk might impact them in the future.

Plus, we'll provide toolkits, collateral materials, and landing pages that highlight how we can help, and, when possible, be present at benefit fairs to fully educate your employees on how Allstate Identity Protection works.

After enrollment, we continue to assist with communication through webinars and other materials that teach employees how to use their account and switch on key features, like our customizable alerts and dark web notifications.

Best practices to boost engagement

Strong engagement during enrollment is key to helping employees get the most out of their benefits.

When you partner with us, you’ll be given access to a resource library of implementation documents, photos, videos, logos, and more to use on your platform page. Your implementation team can guide you on the best ways to use these resources. 

We’ll also share proven practices for boosting engagement, such as maximizing our placement on enrollment platforms and incorporating Allstate Identity Protection into any decision support tools you use in your enrollment process. 

It’s our goal to make it super-easy to offer identity protection coverage to your employees. From our initial kick-off call to open enrollment and beyond, our implementation team will be with you to ensure a smooth, streamlined experience.