If you sell home security, then you already protect your subscribers at home. But what about the online threats they can’t see?

With Allstate Identity Protection, you can protect your subscribers’ digital lives, too. Our unique privacy-management tools and superior customer care help people stay safe online and recover quickly if fraud does happen.

Read on to learn more about how we make it easy to offer complete identity protection — and how adding our services to your portfolio can drive net new sales, up your company’s market share, and increase monthly recurring revenue.

Identity theft is on the rise

Unfortunately, cybercrime is a growing problem: one in six Americans were impacted by an identity crime in 2020, with the total losses reaching $56 billion. As consumers' online lives continue to expand, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to steal personal data and commit fraud. With so much sensitive data circulating on the dark web — reports say as many as 15 billion login credentials can be found there — the Identity Theft Resource Center predicts that identity fraud is likely to increase in 2022. 

That’s concerning, as an identity crime can put a victim’s nest egg, college fund, credit score, and even their home at risk — and resolving the issue without help can be costly and time-consuming. As ransomware attacks and data breaches continue to make headlines, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of identity protection. In fact, in a recent Allstate Digital Safety survey, people reported being more concerned about identity theft than physical crimes.

Help your clients get the identity protection they need

The risks of identity theft online are real — but that’s no reason not to love the internet. By partnering with Allstate Identity Protection, you can help your subscribers keep working, learning, and connecting online with confidence. 

With our coverage, people get the identity protection they need from a brand name they trust. As an identity and privacy protection provider in the Allstate family of companies, we're ​backed by over 90 years of experience protecting what matters most. 

Our identity protection plans are the most comprehensive on the market, with features your subscribers actually care about, including:

  • Fast, customizable fraud alerts 

  • Up to $1 million expense reimbursement for fraud victims†

  • Financial transaction monitoring for bank accounts, 401(k)s, HSAs, and more

  • First-of-its-kind digital privacy management with the Allstate Digital Footprint

  • Advanced dark web monitoring using human operatives and AI

  • Family plans that include coverage for seniors and college-age children

  • 24/7 access to U.S.-based fraud remediation experts

Grow your business with Allstate Identity Protection

By bundling Allstate Identity Protection with your home security offering, you can provide more complete protection — helping you to retain subscribers and acquire new ones. You'll also be able to diversify your offerings and create additional revenue streams. And we're easy to work with because we offer flexible engagement models so that your business — and your subscribers — get exactly what they need. There are so many ways to work with us:  

  • ​​Bundle our services with yours: A tailored solution where we host Allstate Identity Protection, and you bundle our services to closely meet the needs of your subscribers

  • Add our services to your portfolio: Expand your existing product portfolio to include an Allstate-branded “good, better, best” solution set

  • Embed identity services into your product: A wholly owned experience for your brand where you embed our identity management services within your product using state-of-the-art API technology, giving your subscribers a seamless experience

For additional information about our partnership programs, contact us at partner-sales@aip.com. Together, we can help you provide a more comprehensive security solution — so your subscribers can feel safe at home, and anywhere they go online.

†Identity theft insurance covering expense and stolen funds reimbursement is underwritten by Assurant. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.