Whatever your company's needs, we have a solution designed with you in mind. We can provide identity protection as a benefit to your employees or in partnership with you to your customers and clients. Easily integrated, security-focused, customizable — we offer many ways to make our identity protection solution for you.

Our identity theft protection services were designed and built from the ground up to meet the needs of customers across a variety of industries. While some of our biggest clients are titans in retail, entertainment, and banking, many customers are small- and medium-size businesses. As you can imagine, every client comes with different technological capabilities, business targets, and integration requirements. Let’s walk through how we meet those needs.

Solutions that flex to fit your business

Our identity theft protection can be offered either as an employee benefit or directly to a client’s customers or members. Technology integrations occur at multiple levels of a business. One client may require integration with an HR system while another may depend on us as a data provider via API. We have several repeatable implementation patterns that help us serve our customers.

Helping businesses protect their customers


Businesses may offer our services as a benefit to their consumers and/or members, which can significantly increase customer retention. In these scenarios, we work closely with the business’s technology and marketing teams so customer relationships are managed securely and effectively. For example, a retail wholesaler with club memberships can grant newly registered members immediate access to identity protection services.

Helping employers protect their employees


Many of our customers are employers who provide our services as a benefit to their employees. Protecting employees and their families from identity-related threats also may protect employers from data risk or malicious network access. We work closely with employer Human Resources and IT departments so employment changes are managed securely and efficiently. For example, when new employees are added to a company’s roster, we can immediately provide protection on key data elements like Social Security numbers.

Access to our online portal and mobile apps

Almost any user enrolled in our system is granted access to our online web portal and mobile application (I’ll get to the “almost” part in a bit). Our portal and mobile app provide interfaces that can expand our protection coverage. Users can also enroll in additional services, like Digital Footprint or social media monitoring. The more active and engaged the user, the better a protection partner we can be.

White-Labeled functionality

Some businesses may prefer to “white label” our portal with their own branding. We fully appreciate this need and can easily support it. Our portal’s navigation menu is configurable to present relevant features to end users. For example, if Acme Inc. only wants to offer credit monitoring and dark web monitoring, that’s all the end user sees. We are also flexible in our call center support arrangements for those customers. 

Complete customization capabilities


A few of our customers provide a completely customized experience for their end users. They take on the responsibility of designing, building, and maintaining user interfaces that present our alerts and other data elements. These experiences require tight and highly secure integrations, as they allow our partners to augment their own services with ours for a holistic customer experience. (This is where the “Almost any user enrolled in our system is granted access” part comes in. We don’t control access to a business’s apps.)

Custom experiences are made possible by integration with our secure APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). API integrations are ideal for partners who already have web and mobile experiences with sizable user bases. This offers our partners a user experience tailored to their existing needs and their customer personas. For these partnerships, we provide thorough API documentation, technical support, early feature access, and other benefits.

Make our services yours

Beyond technological integrations and customizations, our channel partner services can also be tailored to meet specific sales needs. Several of our customers have bundled our services with their own to provide more appealing and personalized offerings to customers or clients. Because we’ve built flexibility into our offerings, we can bundle several arrangements of our main identity protection features with pricing to meet a customer’s unique needs.

How can we meet your business needs?

If you’d like to learn more about offering Allstate Identity Protection to your customers or members, you can contact our channel partner team here.