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    A smooth criminal uses a tried and true method to steal personal information.

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    A man suffering from medical identity theft experiences some unexpected consequences.

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    After she’s denied a student loan, a woman and her roommate discover an unlikely cause.

Identity theft can happen in the blink of an eye

Hackers, identity thieves, and cybercriminals can steal your personal information in an instant.

Once they have your data, thieves may be able to quickly access an existing financial account, sign up for a new credit card, or make unauthorized purchases in your name.

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Mail theft is just one of the ways criminals target your data

While criminals rely on a variety of tactics to obtain your data, mail theft is still a common way thieves can swipe your personal information.

They look for everything from bank statements, credit card offers, and Social Security cards to bills, checks, and tax information — all things delivered straight to your mailbox.


Identity theft can take months to repair

When a thief steals your identity, it can take hundreds of hours to restore. Not only is it time-consuming to deal with on your own, but it can also be incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.
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Thieves move fast. We move faster.

The earlier you know about potential fraud, the sooner you can get ahead of the problem.

Our monitoring tools alert you to known data breaches and compromised personal information as soon as it’s detected, so you can take action immediately.


A smooth criminal uses a tried and true method to steal personal information.

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Once thieves have your data, they can use it in some surprising ways

Identity thieves have evolved, and so have their tactics — financing a costly surgical procedure in your name, building a fake identity with your work history, or selling your child’s data on the dark web.

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Man shocked to find he has butt implants now

Medical identity theft

Criminals can use a victim’s health insurance to undergo surgery, fill prescriptions, and file fraudulent medical claims — all while leaving the victim on the hook.

The average cost of medical identity theft is more than $13,000. And if a thief’s medical records become intertwined with your own, you can experience significant delays in getting treatment.

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Child identity theft

Identity thieves often target the vulnerable — including young children, whose data can sell for 30x more than an adult’s on the dark web.

Criminals can even use elements of your child’s personal information to create a totally new persona, which makes detecting identity theft even harder.

That’s just one of the reasons we offer plans that cover the whole family.

A man suffering from medical identity theft experiences some unexpected consequences.


You might not have the protection you think you do

Victims may not find out about identity theft until after they’ve been denied financing — and if they don’t have comprehensive identity protection, they might wind up underwater

Not every service offers the tools you need to fully protect your identity, and some may actually share your data with unrelated companies.


Who else is selling your data?

A business or app you trust may sell your data to third parties who may then sell it to others. The more companies that have your data — the larger your digital footprint, a record of your online activity and digital accounts.

As your footprint grows in size, so may the likelihood that your personal data falls into the wrong hands.


Get the tools you need and the protection you deserve

Counting on something other than identity protection to help safeguard yourself from fraud doesn’t make a lot of sense — like keeping a jet ski in your living room.

You deserve peace of mind, and our advanced tools like the Allstate Digital Footprint℠ will help you get there*.

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After she’s denied a student loan, a woman and her roommate discover an unlikely cause.

Explore our features

Take a look around

We take a holistic approach to protecting our members, with best-in-class remediation experts, cutting-edge features and tools, and up to $1 million in identity theft. And since we’ve built our brand on protecting your personal information, we take every measure to ensure your data is secure with us.

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Allstate Digital Footprint℠

Say hello to the future of identity protection*

Our first-of-its-kind privacy management tool helps users take control of their digital lives.


See who has your data

Connect your email address, and we’ll show you a list of your online accounts — including that fitness app you forgot about.


Easily spot threats

In addition to seeing your online accounts, you can also view data breaches and discover what personal information may have been compromised.


Learn how to take action

If your data has been compromised, it’s important to act fast. That’s why we include steps you can take to better protect yourselves and your loved ones.

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Advanced dark web monitoring

Shine a light on the dark web

The dark web is a part of the internet that’s not indexed by search engines, and it’s home to some pretty scary stuff — like illegal marketplaces and hacker exchanges. With our dark web monitoring tool*, you can discover if key personal information is for sale on the dark net.

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Tell us what to monitor

Add important information, like your credit card numbers or SSN, and we’ll scour the dark web for your personal details.

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We scour the dark web

We utilize advanced artificial intelligence and deeply embedded human operatives to discover if your information is available on the dark web.


Receive alerts, fast

If we discover your information where it doesn’t belong, we’ll alert you as soon as it’s detected — and help you take action.

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Comprehensive family plans

Identity protection for the entire family

With advanced tools like social media monitoring, you can help protect your loved ones. Simply connect your child’s social media accounts, and we’ll monitor for potential account takeover, bullying, and grooming.

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Protecting their future

If a criminal steals your child’s identity, our team of identity specialists and remediation experts will work with you to fully resolve the fraud and restore their identity.


Protecting their reputation

When you link a social media account, we monitor posts for signs of account takeover. This can include questionable content, like references involving drugs, as well as posts appearing from strange locations.


Protecting their safety

We also help detect potential threats to your child’s safety — like cyberbullying and harassment. Our detection goes much further than many providers’ and can even identify potential signs of grooming.

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Financial protection

So much more than identity protection*

We detect a whole lot more than identity threats. Our comprehensive protection also extends to your financial wellbeing.


Advanced financial monitoring

Simply connect important financial accounts — like your savings or checking, 401(k), and HSA — and tell us when you’d like to be notified. If a purchase exceeds your threshold, we’ll send you an alert.


Up to $1M in reimbursement coverage

Our reimbursement coverage† means we’ll cover many fraud-related expenses, including stolen funds, legal fees, and even unplanned childcare costs.


Tax refund fraud advancement

Tax refund fraud is one of the most common forms of identity theft, and it can take months to fully resolve. Fortunately, we’ll advance you the funds while we fight to reclaim the money you’re owed.

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Best-in-class remediation and support

We handle the hard part

Our specialists are the best in the business — and we have the numbers to prove it. When it comes to remediating identity theft, we have an industry-leading customer satisfaction score of 99%.

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Get help with your account

Whether you need help logging in to your account for the first time or activating important features, our U.S.-based customer service team is available 24/7 to provide support.

Troubleshoot potential fraud

Our identity specialists are on hand to answer any identity theft-related question you might have and to research instances of potential fraud.

Restore your identity

A dedicated remediation specialist will handle even the most time-intensive elements of identity restoration, and they won’t stop until your identity has been fully restored.

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Peace of mind, for all

We believe everyone deserves peace of mind, and that’s why we make it as easy as possible to get protection. It’s also why we offer access to our service in a variety of ways.

Enroll in our employee benefit

Does your employer offer Allstate Identity Protection as a benefit? We’ll check for you.


Purchase directly from us

If your employer doesn’t offer Allstate Identity Protection as an employee benefit, you can purchase our identity protection directly — and the whole process takes just a few minutes.


You don’t have to take our word for it

See what actual members are saying about Allstate Identity Protection.