Afraid of your children's safety online but want them to have their privacy? Check out these actionable tips on how to protect your children online prepared by Allstate's cybersecurity experts.

Top five things you can do to encourage cyber safety


1. Talk

Talk to your child about staying safe online.


2. Explore

Explore their online world together. 


3. Agree

Agree on rules of what's OK and what's not OK. 


4. Manage

Manage your family's internet settings and privacy controls.


5. Resources

Check out resources at the US Department of Homeland Security.

What to do if your child is experiencing cyberbullying

Here are some tips for internet safety and preventing cyberbullying. Help your children learn to make responsible decisions about using technology and to understand how to report a problem.


Signs your child may be engaging with a cyber predator

  • Is there a change in your child's behavior?

  • Has your child become very secretive?

  • Are they withdrawn but won't say why?

  • Are they unable to switch off from their phone or social media?

  • Is your child going to unusual places to meet friends?

  • Do they have new items such as clothes or a mobile phone which they can't or won't explain?