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InfoArmor’s Award-wining VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform Adds Groundbreaking Vulnerability Feature and APIs

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (RSA Conference) – March 1, 2016InfoArmor, Inc., an industry-leading provider of elite cyber intelligence services, today announced that its award-winning VigilanteATI℠ Advanced Threat Intelligence platform has added VigilanteATI Vulnerability Intelligence, a new revolutionary feature set, to its Advanced Threat intelligence platform. In addition, the company also announced the availability of select feature set APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow Security Operations Centers (SOCs), managed security providers, SIEM users and other internal systems to seamlessly access data from the VigilanteATI threat intelligence database when an event or a customer-specific alert is triggered.

VigilanteATI Vulnerability Intelligence is a revolutionary preemptive intelligence feed that identifies network hosts that are compromised with active network-based and application level vulnerabilities (Heartbleed, Shellshock, Juniper Backdoor, malicious WEB-shells, Exposed FTPs, compromised SSH servers, WEB-hosts with active vulnerabilities, high-risk connection scores, etc.). Data is updated daily so users can take preventative measures in shielding internal devices connecting to these infected hosts. Client-specific alerts inform users that their site/host is affected so they can take the proper action to mitigate risk. Leveraging this feed, organizations can also safeguard their networks by monitoring partner and vendor sites that may contain these vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of third-party exposure and drive-by download attacks. VigilanteATI Vulnerability Intelligence is the sixth feature set of the platform, which was introduced in October 2015.

The APIs will enable easy integration within the customer’s environment for use with their existing SIEM and other internal systems, and it is the underlying interface for the data feeds that can be accessed directly in real-time or imported seamlessly into these systems. These APIs are immediately available for the following VigilanteATI feature sets:

  • Compromised Credit Cards
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Security Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

“We are committed to developing scalable and robust solutions to protect our customers’ networks and data against constant and complex cyberattacks,” said Alen Puzic, vice president of development at InfoArmor, Inc. “VigilanteATI Vulnerability Intelligence is a clear differentiator since no other vendor offers this revolutionary technology. Our development team is constantly challenged to deliver the most comprehensive data in an intuitive and easy-to-integrate form factor. In meeting these challenges, we provide the means for IT security professionals to make quick and informative decisions to protect their networks and prevent data exfiltration within their existing infrastructure.”

VigilanteATI delivers context-rich, actionable Advanced Threat Intelligence. Leveraging trusted operative

sources, VigilanteATI provides the necessary comprehensive Advanced Threat Intelligence to effectively reveal the “who, what, why, when and how” to defend against past, present and future global cyber threats. VigilanteATI incorporates the following threat intelligence features:

  • Advanced Intelligencedefining the gold standard of threat intelligence, we provide unsurpassed data on the latest trends, bad actor attribution reporting, and other pertinent information. InfoArmor delivers valuable informational and actionable intelligence to reference or use for educational purposes and security awareness around new activity, specific threat actors, or other exploits that may pose a direct or peripheral risk to your organization.
  • Risk Intelligencedistinctive industry-specific intelligence derived from our underground operative sources that includes compromised:
    • PoS Networks and Terminals
    • Client Accounts
    • Credit Cards
    • Money Laundering/Money Mules
  • Security Intelligenceprovides a threat intelligence feed of underground malicious and suspicious host activity to help assist in identifying cyber threat activities. Specific client network ranges are input to provide a robust automated service that enables real-time alerts and identifies activity from the specific users and devices within your organization which are engaging with malicious threats. These malicious entities are confirmed, validated, and monitored from underground sources using InfoArmor’s proprietary advance threat intelligence practices. Information is systematically updated, and includes the compromised IPs, domains, malware signature, CnC information and other valuable data.
  • eCrime Intelligencea comprehensive database of underground communication and bad actor chatter from dark/closed forums that provides real-time updates and monitoring of these forums with relevant information to deliver preemptive intelligence. Client specific keyword lists associated with the URL/brand delivers reference to client assets with additional context around specific issues or impending threats.
  • Compromised Credentials identifies the exposure of email addresses and associated passwords linked to malicious breaches and third-party data disclosures. The service enables a robust search feature for specific credentials, or can include real-time monitoring and notification based on domain or account entries. Specific indicators of compromised credentials are then delivered, along with context surrounding the source of the exposure and any other reference, providing a valuable opportunity to accelerate threat containment and risk mitigation.

InfoArmor will be exhibiting at the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center in the OATH Pavilion (Booth #815, South Hall) and will be demonstrating the InfoArmor VigilanteATI platform.

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